Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scientists Admit to a Young Earth

News Flash! Those anti-religious, God-hating scientists have finally admitted that they were wrong, wrong, wrong about the age of the Earth and the Moon!

Details can be found in this article from Science Daily:
Earth and Moon Formed Later Than Previously Thought, New Research Suggests

Astronomers have theorized that the planet Earth and the Moon were created as the result of a giant collision between two planets the size of Mars and Venus. Until now, the collision was thought to have happened when the solar system was 30 million years old, or approximately 4,537 million years ago. But new research shows that Earth and the Moon must have formed much later -- perhaps up to 150 million years after the formation of the solar system.
OK, so Earth was created not 4.537 billion years ago but perhaps closer to 4.387 billion years ago. Nevertheless, it just goes to show you that the scientific method is fraught with uncertainty and constantly changes at the whim of whatever the latest "research" suggests.

150,000,000 years down, 4,386,994,000 more to go. We'll get to 6000 years, just you wait and see!


Orthoprax said...

150 - 30 = 120.

Not 4,387, but 4,417.

-suitepotato- said...

Science is allowed to do that. Science mistaken for faith isn't. Whatever the words say, has to be taken literally. Meanwhile, real faith doesn't care about the words but the implication and people with it go right on talking to G-d as if He's listening because the idea that He isn't doesn't even enter their minds, so, no worries.