Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shades of Grey

I'm a big fan of Sinfest.

(P.S. Clicking on the image will take you to Tatsuya Ishida's site for a larger view.)


Undercover Kofer said...

Luving it!!!

Undercover Kofer said...
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Anonymous said...

I like this, however I disagree that shades of grey implies 'moral relativism'. What I do think it implies, however, is that our existence isn't really about morals at all, but about life. To 'choose Life that you may live' isn't a battle cry for moral absolutism, but a prayer for authentic human personhood and existence.

A man from my own tradition (Eastern Orthodoxy) who encountered God in the Russian gulags said that if one were to draw a line separating black and white, that they would be shooting a line straight through the heart of every human being.

Anyways, sorry to get so serious, but those are my two cents!

Frum Heretic said...

I think that the comic works on multiple levels. First, the claim by fundamentalists that without a specific God-based system, all moral/ethical behavior is relative. Second, the overwhelming tendency of such people to claim that only by following their system of right/wrong, good/evil, is absolutely truth found. Finally, the refusal of many people to admit to the complexity (or essential unanswerability) of many of our questions regarding right living, meaning & purpose, spirituality, etc etc.

Alexandra said...

Haha, I LOVE THIS. So fitting, sadly.
Also- I have a pretty random question. I've been an atheist for a while- since I was 13- but I'm really new to ex-frum blogs, as I ususally spend my time perusing more universal places of philisophical discussion.
But now that I found some people that focus on often unadressed topics I'm particulary interested in (skepticism re:judaism) and bloggers that share so many experiences with me, I'm hooked ;p
...Anyway, while I was reading some old posts, one from the archives of this blog, I came across talk of this guy 'xgh' and his purportedly ingenious posts. I'd love to read some of these, but apparently xgh has blocked sites from searching the cached files after he deleted his website.
Do you know of a link or a file containing some of his posts?

Thanks so much :) If you knew anything about this I'd be incredibly grateful.

Frum Heretic said...

Hi Alex -

After XGH was The posts there are gone, but I still have the feed in Google Reader and therefore all of the posts are cached by Google God. No comments, though. I wonder if there is any way to still add the feed to Reader and get to see the posts?

As far as the original XGH stuff, lots of folks (including myself) were not happy to see them deleted by Slifkin. Lots of high quality stuff there. There is an archive of some of the posts somewhere, and you may be able to find it with a bit of searching. If you email me I can send you the archive that I have - it's in Word format, about 9 megs.

Anonymous said...

you can subscribe to a blog (if it still exists) and see all the posts, even if the owner of the blog deleted the posts. I just subscribed to using bloglines and now I can read all is old posts (without comments)