Friday, September 26, 2008

Madcap Journalism Logistics

The Jewish Voice & Opinion, a monthly publication published in New Jersey by Susan Rosenbluth, is about as far to the right as you can get without falling off the edge and cutting yourself. The highlights are always the many rants disguised as advertisements sponsored by "Friends and Family of the Victims of George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon". The name of this pseudo-organization (it's likely the product of a single individual, possibly even the editor herself) changes from time to time; for example, if I recall it used to be called "Friends and Family of the Victims of Oslo". The "ads" in the September issue are primarily devoted to anti-Obama rhetoric, such as "Barack Obama's Involvement with the Communist Party" and "Like Father, Like Son: The Audacity of Socialism".

But these "ads" pale beside the cover feature articles, because the latter are portrayed as news pieces, not as the one-side agenda-driven editorials that they actually are.

On one side (the left, of course) you have a very flattering picture of "Tehran's Favorite Senator", Joe Biden, and on the other you have the eye-candy VP pick of the Republicans, "Pro-Israel Gov Sarah Palin". The joke, of course, is that Biden is one of the most vocal supporters of Israel, while Palin's support for Israel consists solely of a flag (almost certainly the result of her evangelical outlook towards Israel and not for any great love of Jews, but hey, I'm not going to knock any support that Israel can muster; we'll let the "end of times" sort things out) and a hawkish viewpoint in general but specifically towards Iran. The stupidity of the article is further exemplified by statements such as "it is open to question what the late Menachem Begin would have to say about [Biden's Zionist identification]." Well, of course it is "open to question", idiots, the man is dead! You can speculate all you want in your feeble effort to destroy the Democrats.

As a disclaimer, I am an Obama supporter, but don't feel that either side can make a better pro-Israel claim. It is important, however, for folks to understand that Obama does have a 100% pro-Israel voting record. Just Google it and see for yourself.

Oh yeah, the title of this post "Madcap Journalism Logistics"? It's an anagram for the Jewish Voice's subtitle, "Promoting Classical Judaism".


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